Mission & Vision


The mission of AHCV is to generate innovative solutions that enhance the ability of healthcare providers to serve patients and the communities in which they live.

Our solutions focus on improving not only the health of patients, but also healthcare services in their communities at large. As a leader in the healthcare consulting industry, our responsibility is to emphasize public health and patient service to the providers with whom we work. We develop transparent, compliant, and ethical solutions that strengthen the safety-net system while balancing the need to control costs. It is our duty and our obligation to serve our clients by meeting their goals while always focusing on the overall benefit to the community.


Our vision at AHCV is to build a stronger safety-net system for communities across the country.

To accomplish this the AHCV Team uses its full scope of resources to identify innovative solutions for healthcare providers. By continuously innovating the healthcare reimbursement system, we believe that we will expand services and increase efficiency for the healthcare network.

About Us

The AHCV Team is a network of business consultants that includes former high-ranking officials at state Medicaid agencies, lawyers who helped healthcare providers complete complex business transactions, and former high-ranking executives at public and private healthcare institutions. Our cross-functional team of expert consultants has the experience your entity needs to boost revenue, identify solutions to complex risks, and increase financial efficiency.

Specializing in Medicaid, our job is to ensure that healthcare providers receive their fair share of reimbursement for the services they provide. Whether it is designing a patient-centered service expansion initiative or conducting a detailed data-mining analysis, the AHCV Team ensures that your entity is tracking data accurately, efficiently, and, most important, within compliance.

While improving financial efficiency for healthcare providers, AHCV prioritizes expanding healthcare services for patients who typically are underserved. We help providers meet this challenge while balancing the need to manage increasing costs. Consistent with this, AHCV makes charitable donations to organizations that are committed to helping underserved patients.

Services We Provide

AHCV’s highly acclaimed team of consultants specializes in healthcare transactional advisory support, reimbursement analysis, and revenue cycle. Our professionals have the domain expertise and skills to assist organizations with the numerous types of analyses and support to enable effective strategic decision making. AHCV’s data-driven approach provides our clients with the tools necessary to make strong strategic decisions.


Healthcare Due Diligence Support Services

  • Provide Standardize Due Diligence Information Request
  • Assist with aggregation of requested due diligence information
  • Preparation of Due Diligence Disclosure Report

Review of Patient Net Revenue

  • Validate accuracy and appropriateness of patient net revenue and patient Accounts Receivable balances presented on financial statements.
  • Review of patient net revenue impacts related to governmental programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Identify trends related to key drivers of patient net revenue.
  • Identify patient net revenue opportunities and/or patient net revenue risk areas, and quantification of amounts related thereto.


  • Establish a framework for enhanced Medicaid managed care rate initiative funded by intergovernmental transfers (“IGT”).
  • Monitor and maintain the LPPF program. Monitor regulatory risks and changes, and aid in responding to governmental inquiries related to the state and/or federal supplemental payment programs.
  • Development of tools tailored specifically to assist facilities in understanding projected reimbursement opportunities and monitor cash flow.
  • Assess additional related opportunities to reduce reimbursement risk.


  • Evaluate regulatory structure for non-emergent medical transportation services.
  • Prepare Financial modeling of Medicaid reimbursement for covered services.


Managed Care Impact Analyses (“Black Box”)

Managed Care Rate Analytics and Negotiations

  • In-network vs. Out-of-network market analysis
  • Representation concerning access, network inclusion and exclusion, covered services, rate discrepancies, and the delinquent, non-payment, or underpayment of claims


  • Revenue Cycle Assessment
  • Future-state design and process optimization
  • Performance improvement planning and support
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Healthcare Net Revenue Reporting


  • Disproportionate Share Hospital (“DSH”) Payments
  • Upper Payment Limit (“UPL”) Payments
  • Graduate Medical Education (“GME”) Payments
  • Uncompensated Care (“UC”) Payments
  • Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (“DSRIP”)


  • Provide knowledgeable and efficient strategic advice to participants in various sectors of the dynamic, heavily regulated healthcare industry.
  • Consult on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and payment rules, conditions of participation, licensure and certification, prompt payment, and legislative and rule making initiatives.
  • Identify regulatory and compliance issues and advise on the implementation of strategies and solutions to address compliance concerns, including those arising with respect to fraud and abuse, reimbursement, and health information privacy/security.

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